As they say, actions speak louder than words and we agree! Our testimonial sections, features some specific customer’s accounts and experiences with Diode Communications. Feel free to read for yourself and be sure to let us know if you’d like to submit your own testimonial.

“It was late on a Saturday night when I called Diller Telephone to report a problem with our business phone/credit card machine was not working. The nice lady in customer service said a technician would be with me as soon possible. What a pleasant surprise when the technician arrived within an hour of opening on Sunday. The problem had been corrected but the technician was there to help us fix the problem on a SUNDAY! That’s why I do business with Diller Telephone and DIODE Communication where you can count on great hometown service!”  Sharon Priefert – Side Trek Bar & Grill, Harbine, NE

“It is a very positive experience working with Diode, we are now receiving three times the speed with WiMAX service than we had been getting with our previous service.”  Joe Blackburn of Blackburn Technologies

“Diode pre-wired my new home and they didn’t just set me up for today’s technology but the future’s as well. I am very happy with the work they did on my home.”  Kyle Spilker, satisfied customer

Just a quick note to thank your company for the fine service provided to Ross Repair and Gerold and Diane Nitz, both of Friend. As long as your “competitors” continue to provide such shabby customer service compared to what you offer, I will continue to recommend Diode Communications to all of my customers. Thanks again,” Lee De Bevoise