Diode Communications technicians would be happy to help their customers by setting up a small office network or even a home network. Many people have more than one computer in their house that they would like to have Internet access. Why not have Diode set it up while we are there? We can set up wired networks, wireless networks or even mix them so your house will be networked for years to come.

For those businesses that are just getting started with computers or networks, we can design, implement, and even remote monitor your network to keep your business running efficiently. We will design from a two person peer-to-peer network to a full office network with voice, video, and phone.

There are numerous options to consider when purchasing these systems. The equipment can vary depending on uses and applications designed, therefore each system will be unique and requires different equipment and installation.  Call Jeremiah Duerksen at 402-793-5124 or email him at and he would be happy to visit your location to design and price a system for you.