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We have partnered with Postini to provide you the latest tools to prevent viruses and junk email from reaching your computer. The Postini services are private and secure. The junk email and virus protection is an automated process. Nobody has access to your email except you. Nobody will read your email. Your email is not censored, YOU Control the filter settings.

Pricing: $1.00/month for first email address, $.50/month for each additional address

Dedicated Services
Does your company need more speed? Contact our business office and ask about our Dedicated Services, we can offer speeds up to 12Mbps down and 5Mbps upload. This service is not available in all areas. Call us for Details.

For those businesses that are just getting started with computers or networks, we can design, implement, and even remote monitor your network to keep your business running efficiently. We will design from a two person peer-to-peer network to a full office network with voice, video, and phone.