Diller Telephone Services

Bill Overview

Monthly Local Service

Basic Service
Dial tone- a service that allows you to make & receive local (non-toll) calls. Failure to pay local service rate and applicable taxes and fees will result in disconnection and loss of service. Local service is billed one month in advance.

Federal $6.50 Line Charge
A flat monthly charge, established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), assessed directly to customers to help local telephone companies recover some of their costs in constructing and maintaining the local network. In July 2002, the FCC raised the SLC cap for community based telecom providers to $6.50 monthly for residential and single-line business customers. The SLC cap for multi-line businesses remains $9.20 per line. The FCC’s action brings the SLCs of independent companies in line with those charged by urban companies.

The SLC is part of the FCC’s campaign to promote competition in the U.S. telecom industry and reflects its intent to make end-user customers more directly responsible for these costs. The SLCs do not result in additional revenue for your local telecom provider.

Long Distance Service

Federal Universal Service Fund
Similiar to the FUSC for local service, except that most national long-distance companies have opted to charge percentage fees well above the mandatory federal level currently set at approximately 7%-some, in fact, have suggested charging customers as much as 13% of their monthly long-distance charges.

Single Bill Fee
Some long-distance companies charge customers as much as $1.50 to include long-distance charges on the same bill as their local charges.

Usage (1+) Calls
Charges for individual toll (long-distance) calls (Dial 1) made through the long-distance company customers have chosen as their primary (1+) carrier. Generally, these calls are rated (priced) based on place, duration and time-of-day. Other plans offer customers reduced rates, with a monthly “buy-in” fee.